Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Flower Roundup!

What's this? I'm posting another "Style on a Stick" post before I post on my teaching blog? The world must be going backwards!

Remember that hat from the last post? The green and blue one I said needed a flower?  I've been spending more time researching flowers than actually making them!  I tried a pattern of my own but it ended up looking like a square with a strange squiggle in the middle.  Not very attractive. My wonderful and supportive husband said, "It looks fine. I like it." Usually he's very truthful about what's straight and what works but he could tell I needed some encouragement.

So.  Because it's spring.  Because Mother's Day is next month. Because I really don't want to have to go through all this again. Because you all are awesome people that deserve a little beauty in your life. Because I don't feel like working right now. 

The (My) Definitive Flower List!

(And the best part is, they're all FREE!)

1. Crochet Flower Bracelet from Petals to Picots


I love this. I pinned it a while back and have made it a goal to make a few out of stash yarn. They look easy to work up once you get the pattern and I bet there are truckloads of ways you could customize it. 

2. Flower Necklace Hawaiian Dream


Did you know "Hawaii" is actually pronounced "Huh-VUH-ee"? Thanks, Gabriel Iglesias!
I'll confess: I really like wearable flowers. I used a magnolia in my hair instead of a veil in my wedding. In general, they're a great way to brighten up an outfit and your spirit. I'm going to try one of these as an anklet since I found a great deal on embroidery floss in lots of great bright colors!

3. Flower Power Pot Holders


This project just appeals to me and shows me how a great name can energize you. "Flower Power." Doesn't it make you immediately reach for those bright oranges and yellows and pinks and greens and make something straight out of the 70s? My mom grew up in the 70s and is moving soon, so I might make this as a housewarming gift. 

4. Flower Appliques


Here's more wearable art. Brighten up a simple tank top or summery skirt with these. 

5. Flowers that Won't Wilt


I love the multiple layers of this design! This flower could really work with anything. It would be great on a pillow or blanket or as an embellishment on a hat. Use different colors throughout for a different look.

6. Flower Earrings


I love learning new techniques (see my last blog post).  These lovely flowers are made with cluster stitches. I think what really got me was the purple. If it's purple, I want it. I might have to practice this one a few times but it looks fairly simple.

7. Flower Brooch


The name says "brooch," but these would be good on anything, really.  I like how the layers come together. Plus, the button in the middle is so cute! Not a new concept by any means but you really can't go wrong with it. 

8. Flowers for Momma


The pattern says these are dahliahs. I don't know anything about flowers, so I'll take the creator's word for it. I just love how simple and elegant these look! 

9. Christmas Poinsettia Flower 


No, it's not Christmas. (Or maybe it is. If you're reading this around Christmas, Merry Christmas!)
This is still a beautiful flower that uses an interesting technique for the petals to give it that extra "pop." It reminds me of the crocodile stitch flower that I still have trouble getting to come out right. 

10. Um...

Ok, I couldn't find 10 entries. Maybe you can help me with that! 
What are your favorite flower patterns? 
If I make one of them for Etsy, I'll give you a coupon for 10% off! 

Feel Free to Pin these, but please give credit to the original source! 

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