Friday, April 11, 2014

How a Vacation turned into Summery Accessories

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Yay, all Relaxed

     I just got back from a fantastic vacation in Florida! My husband has family there so we only paid for transportation and incidentals. If you ever get the chance to visit the Destin area, do it. Everything is right next to the beach and the sunsets are absolutely incredible. The sand is white, the ice cream is homemade, and the dolphins are abundant. In between biking and sightseeing, I got plenty of time to relax and work on some new projects. The walks on the beach and warm sunshine inspired me to capture summer in my work. Scroll down to see items that will be on sale as soon as I get some decent pictures!

Neopolitan Beanie

       I found a great pattern from Meladora's Creations and as usual, couldn't resist putting my own spin on it. These hats are open so they'll keep you cool while protecting your scalp from the sun.
This yarn made me think of Neopolitan ice cream. When you sit outside with the ice cream in a styrofoam bowl on a hot summer day, the ice cream melts together into the perfect consistency, creating unique swirls, just like this hat. I used Peaches and Creme in Sandstone Stripes, which was easy to work with and light, being 100% cotton. "Sandstone Stripes." Even the name of the yarn conjures up gorgeous beaches.

I Dream of Beanie

    This hat was made from stash yarn. Originally I bought it for a pair of handmade flip flops but I never made it past the initial stages. The colors in this hat make me think of blue, cloudless skies and key lime pie.

  I think the lime green and blue together will be a striking combination for a flower once I can get more yarn (isn't that always the way it goes? Instead of getting rid of 1 ball, I'm adding 2!)Plus, I can use them for an amigurumi from one of my favorite games, Broken Age.

"It's...a...HUG ATTACK!" D'aww...

Twilight Sands Barefoot Sandals

Finally, here are some barefoot sandals using this pattern. They were easier to make than I thought they'd be. The most trouble I had with them was in working in the ends. I also think they ended up a little smaller than I wanted, so I'll have to play around with gauge. To me they evoke twilight on bright sand.

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Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time! 

Amy Latta

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