Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Not Yet Dead

I've been learning a lesson this month: always take time for what makes you happy! In this case, it's crochet, which has fallen by the wayside. I've had tons of work in my day job as a preschool teacher so my lunches (crochet time) have been cut short or nonexistent. I just got into a Master's program and UNC Chapel Hill (Yay!) and have been working on the application and grant application. All this work before it even starts! Besides that, we had a storm here in NC that knocked out our power for 3 days. I was more worried about staying warm and making sure my husband and I were in safe places than crocheting those days. Plus, we just got Nintendo 3DSs so we had to try those out!
 I've also been taking time for a few personal projects, like this Zelda iPad cover for a friend:

I'm not really happy with the triangles; next time I'll work them directly into the fabric. 

And a hat for an auction at work:

I'm terrible about taking pictures before I weave in the ends. It's my least favorite part of crocheting!

I love the hat pattern, which can be found here:

Plus, my husband and I are planning a trip soon so of course we have to find deals on activities and hotels!

I'm setting a goal for myself to get one item made for the shop and 2 next month.  I am working on a pair of these little beauties and plan to make more in different colors. 

Any guesses? Leave them in the comments below and I'll pick someone to get 10% off any item in my shop!

How do you make sure you have time for your hobbies? 

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