Friday, February 14, 2014

How a Duchess Gave me Gloves

Sometimes it all starts with the yarn.
I found this beautiful, multicolored yarn with greens, blues, and purples intermingled. It was soft and fuzzy. I knew it would be just perfect for fingerless gloves!

 It took me a while to find a good stitch; I finally settled on something called "Dutchess Lace" from NewStitchaDay. That site is quickly becoming a favorite.

I love the diamond pattern and figured it would be perfect for gloves.

Unfortunately, patterns don't always turn out like you expect them to.  What I ended up with instead was an interesting scale pattern with a nice scalloped edge. Using some basic stitches as a base, I made these:

If you like them, click on the pic or here to get them for your very own! I also put up a rough pattern on my Ravelry project page here.

Have a great day!

-Amy Latta

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