Thursday, January 30, 2014

How a Sweater turned into a Scarf

Hello all!

It's finally done. After holding onto the yarn for over a month and crocheting in bits and pieces for weeks, it's finally done! The hardest part was figuring out the pattern. I knew I wanted something lacy, since the yarn itself is a light fingering weight. I settled on a scarf because the softness of the yarn would be nice and warm. After some searching, I used the Harriet stitch, which can be found on NewStitchADay.  I ended up modifying it a little so the edges would be straight.Here's what the first few rows look like before blocking.  It's a good thing I'm not selling it! Yikes!

And the last rows once I got the pattern figured out. It's also closer to the true color:

So what about the sweater? Well, that's the best part. I do some posting on Etsy and found a great yarn shop called ThoughfulRoseSupply. The owner recycles sweaters by unraveling them and winding the yarn. She will even make a center pull ball for free! As a result, I got a great rayon and silk blend at a great price.

Here it is laid out:

I still have some yarn left; what should I make next? Leave your project in the comments and if I pick yours, I'll give you a discount on the finished product.

--Amy Latta

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