Monday, January 20, 2014

How a Simple Hobby Turned into a Timesink

A flower made from ruffle yarn. I'm adding it to something in my shop soon.

Hello again!

I was looking at my works in progress and thought, "I could finish some of these or I could blog about it!"
Guess which one I decided to do?

As I look at this pile of work on my desk, I think to myself, "How did it come to this? This was supposed to be something simple." I move it to my stash and look at the various yarns I've collected since starting just a short year ago.

My grandma crochets and her mother crocheted; I still have some butterfly magnets made by my great-grandma. My mom still sews and I took up sewing for all of a month before deciding I wasn't any good at it and I hate it (tying in ends and sewing amigurumi is still my least favorite chore when crafting).  So even though it's in the family, I never got interested in crocheting until last year.

I blame the Doctor from Doctor Who.

I tend to fidget and even though I have a fidget toy on my desk, it wasn't doing it for me. I realized I wanted to make something. "Put something silly in the world that ain't been there before," said Shel Silverstein.

He was right. Last year, I saw a Tenth Doctor amigurumi and thought, "I have to make that!" Then I looked around at all the beautiful scarves in stores and thought, "I can make those, too."  So I started crocheting.

And I haven't looked back.

I still haven't made that Tenth Doctor and I still need to finish the Portal companion cube and the other projects below. I haven't made much money off of my craft yet.

But I have gained a rich skill and the ability to make something unique, that "ain't been there before."

I just need to finish it.

Here's what I'm working on currently:
My scarf!  I used the Harriet lace stitch from NewStitchaDay.  The yarn is special because it's made from a recycled sweater. I got it at an Etsy shop called ThoughfulRoseSupply . There haven't been many knots and it's so soft!
A sneak peek of something I'm putting in my shop soon. 

A ballet tutu coffee cozy. It has that seam going down the middle and a loose thread. When I tried to rip it out to redo it, I found the entire thing was stuck (so, yay durability?). I'm planning on making another one.

Fingerless gloves I made for a coworker. I just need to tie in the ends.
UPDATE: Done! 

How are your projects going? Is there anything you need to finish or redo? Let me know in the comments!

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