Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Simple" snowman ornament

I suppose it's my own fault. I started making ornament covers for my coworkers from this pattern, but was having trouble getting motivated. My mind started wandering to what I could do with the leftover ornaments. 
"I know!" I thought. "I'll make an amigurumi snowman! I made my alien and penguin; how hard can it be?" How soon the mind forgets.  Usually I work from a pattern, but the amigurumi are exceptions. The construction itself seems simple on its own: wrap the ornament, make a nose, and make a hat.  The ornament wrapped nicely, but still took me a few tries to get the fit right.  It didn't help that the ornament is sparkly and sticks to the yarn. 1 hour already gone.  "That's ok," I thought, "I'll get the rest done during my lunch hour at work. Then I'll have plenty of time for other projects!"  It took 2 lunches just to get the hat right and the nose was made at home.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, I have something to be proud of.  

Here's the result:

Now to take some more pictures and put him in my shop!

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