Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How an ornament cover turned into a bracelet

So I found these great ornament covers online:  I already had some gold thread and thought, "That would make a great Christmas gift for my coworkers!" With pattern in hand, all I needed were 12 solid ornaments. Simple, right? How wrong I was.  I stopped at the local big box everything store only to find that they sold packs of mixed sparkly colors, ornaments with patterns, and even tempted me with cute penguin ornaments. But they didn't have mixed solids.  Undaunted,  I grabbed a box that looked promising. I could tell some of the ornaments would be unusable because of their shape but the rest were either blue or silver.   "Silver and gold look fine together," I argued to myself. "It's like the song." But when I got home, the thread washed out against the silver. The next day I trekked out to the not-so-local big box craft store.  There they were: shining, glittering, solid ornaments, 8 to a box.  They were also $10.  I'm cheap; I'm not spending $10 on ornaments.  Now it was time to change tactics. Ornaments were out of the question, but I still had all those silver ornaments at home. "Thread!" I thought.  "I'll get some thread to contrast with the silver and it will be awesome."  I picked out a nice forest green (Slytherin colors) and marched joyfully home.
It didn't work.
The color's great, the ornaments are beautiful, but the green just doesn't work with the silver.  So I'm using the thread to make a Victorian bracelet instead.
You win this time, ornaments. But I'll get you...someday.

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  1. Here's the bracelet: